Sunday, September 5, 2010


No running today. Ok, that is not true. While tail gaiting today with the nephew, who is 6y/o, I did some sprints. Anyone who has a 6y/o knows why. This kid was EVERYWHERE! I could not get him to stop or slow down for a moment. This is ok, because I was trying to wear him out for my big brother. So nephew wanted to have races. These races were about a 20 yard run. Unfortunately, I am a little, scratch that... a LOT sore from the seven yesterday. Does anyone know how it feels to be running flat out as fast as you can, and still get beat by a 6 year old. He thought it was great, and made fun of me for not being able to catch him. Eventually the soreness wore off, and I began to run more effectively, and I beat him. I got to save face. But, still, I got beat by a 6y/o.

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