Saturday, October 30, 2010


What?! It's Saturday!?!?! I don't care, I run when I want! I ate a lot of crap last night, and felt bad like crap this morning, so I decided that when the temp got above 40 degrees (F) I'd go for a good little run. I made it 5. And felt terrible the whole way. I loved every minute of it.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Early run today. I like Sam Elliot's voice. Better than Mike Rowe. It's a toss up between Sam Elliot and Dennis Haysbert (the first President Palmer on TV's hit show 24 and Pedro Cerrano from Major League). Anyway, I ran 3 today. Today I ran without music, and that sucks... but I need to get used to it. so, 3 today.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Crappy run tonight. We got our 3 in, but it was not a good 3. I think I know now why people define their runs between a solid (insert number here) and a garbage run. Because tonight's run was garbage. It was humid, muddy, and all around crappy outside. A normal Mississippi night. Neither Teacher or I were happy with our performance, but could do little with what we were working with. We didn't even pick up the pace when a cute girl ran by. That's bad.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I have been stagnant in my posting here, mostly due to the fact that this is not often read. So I don't see much point, other than for my own benefit. To look back and see how far I have come since my beginning, I am proud.

Tonight, was a good run, 8 miles or so. 5 with Teacher, and 3 more with Teacher and his friend that came out. It was challenging. I struggled through the first mile with a painful cramp near my belt line, on the right side. After a short break at our mid point, the pain went away, and we continued the run with Teacher's friend.

To be honest motivation was severely lacking tonight, as it has the last few times we have been out running. I believe that a change of scenery may help a little. Unfortunately, there's not much to this town, and I have no idea where we could run at that is as convenient as our current location.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was worried about the 1.5 mile run that I have on 11/5, So I checked out my 1.5 mile time today, I have 15:28 to complete it in, and let's say that this is no longer a concern of mine. I only did 3 miles today. But I feel they were quality miles.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Alright, I said I would not post anything about the run today, but I do have to congratulate my running partner for the night. She had no quit in her, and muscled through what may have been one of the toughest 1.5 miles of her life. I was very proud.


Day 2 P90X. Plyometrics. It's jump training, and cardio. supposedly makes you run faster with this training. It only made me hurt. There will only be a 1 mile run today to work out the soreness, and because a friend of mine wants me to get her to start running. This begins today. so we are going to start at a mile (or 30 minutes but she doesn't know that yet.) I will not post that run, because it doesn't count. But day 2 of P90X hurts already.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Day 1 P90X. That sucked.

Then Big Brother came home, and we lifted weights. the conversation went like this:
Big Brother, "Did you work out already?"
Me, "Yes."
BB, "Cool, let's do some weights."
M, "But I don't want to."
BB, "ok, well when you get a chance, make sure to rub some vagisil on."
M, "Ok, I'll workout."

Ok, it didn't really go down like that. But it was close

I then received a phone call from Teacher, who said, "hey, how's that burger from lunch sitting?" To which I replied, "I have to pooh."
which received the response, "see you at north farm in 20 min."

We ran 5 miles. Pretty fast. We have brought things to a whole new level.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Went out to the refuge today, nephew got a new bike and wanted to go do some trail riding. So we did. I ran behind him, due to the trails, she did not ride very fast... I also saw him fall off and watch his face bounce off of the dirt. That was hilarious. he cried for a while, while I laughed for a while longer. That run lasted for about 2 miles. Then we came home, when he got bored of playing in the house, we rode his new bike around the neighborhood, he wanted to race. I can out run a 5 year old on his bike, for a mile. With rest about every 1/4 mile. but to my defense, he was the one who said he needed a break... not me. A good time was had by all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


went running, ran a lot. will run more tomorrow. I need a job.


I have not run in two days, this will be changing today, long run, no less than 10 miles. I will check back later...

I did hit the weights. The run may not be fun

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh great and wonderful wizard of blogspot,
Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted, things are ok, I have been running.

So on Monday, I went running with teacher, who mentioned that he had seen the posts which had a reference to him. I was immediately embarrassed. Not because I have written such things about teacher, but that he actually read them. BTW, Dude, if you're reading this now stop. The next part is meant to speak well of you, and you don't need any more confidence boosting.
Um, yeah, we ran like 5 miles, could have been 12, outran the Captain, mostly cause he showed up late and did not run as far. But we still did. So, back to the aforementioned issue. Teach read the post that basically said he needs to try harder. Allow me to defend myself. In my mind (I was wrong) if you're running, you should be training for a marathon. This is not Teach's frame of mind. And it should not be teach's mind. One (possibly the only) good thing, is that teach said that it lit a fire under is pants, and he came out today with vengeance. Absolutely incredible was the effort that Teach put forth. So good on you teach, even though you should not be reading this.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


4 miles, the run was significantly more difficult today, due to the fact that I can't feel my arms. Ok not entirely true, I feel my arms very well, and they hurt, they hurt a lot. I preceded my run today with another weight routine, similar to the last, but with more intensity. I was angry at the weights. I will do that no more, seeing as my arms now hurt more. But, 4 miles regardless. There is a relatively humorous story about the run, but my arms hurt and I will no longer be typing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No run today, I lifted weights with my brother, here's how it went:

Curls 10 (sets) x20 (reps) at 75lbs
Bench 10 x 25 at 200
Rows 10 x 25 at 80
Bent Over Rows 10 x 20 at 80

That sucked and my arms are already sore.


4 miles today, I need to get some cold weather running gear, or move back to TX, where it's still 80 degrees.

The run went well. No major difficulties, however, the ball of my foot hurts. I believe that this is because I was hitting a forefoot strike for most of the run, as opposed to a mid-foot landing. This is only on my left foot. I'm not sure of the exact reason that it only hurts there, but I think that as I am running, I am exhaling on that step. But I seem to be able to find a good rhythm during my run, and just sort of go on cruise control. Now to get on cruise control for 26.2 miles.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I have these pockets, or pouches on my running shorts, I believe that these are there for the gels that should be consumed during a long run. I need to run far enough that I have to utilize these pockets or pouches. No run today, but I did walk about 10 miles at the refuge while the nephew rode his bike and terrorized the rambunctious puppy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Um, so yeah... 6 miles on a trail at Noxubee. Dog was happy, chased a deer... She took off to the right, bound over a couple of fallen trees, I've never seen her jump that high. She got nowhere near the deer, but it was fun to watch.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So yeah... No run today. I figured I needed a rest day. I will, however, go for a run tomorrow, even if it's my last run. I think I'll go out to the refuge with the dog.