Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh buddy. I have never felt better running today. I went for a 5 miles run today that ended in about 42 min. My first mile was at 7:43 according to my secretary (iPhone app). And much of the same through the remainder of my run. I admit that I went out faster than I wanted, but I was not going to let a 40 y/o man beat me. The teacher went out with me today, and I have to be honest I am impressed with the progress he is making. When we started running, he could not run a half mile, and he is now, well, still not quite to a mile, but getting closer and feeling better about it every day.
A while back I went through the problem of running through the pain. I found the article on that helped me fight through the muscle fatigue and desire to keep going. I mentioned the article to Teacher, he was not as receptive as I was to the idea. Which is funny considering the masochist that he is. I know this simply because we are both martial artists, and he, a Judoka. So, I want to encourage him to keep going through the mild discomfort, but he is pretty set that he does not want to have any pain, like, at all.
So back to the run. It went well.

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