Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The problem: How do you get past the point where you want to stop running?
Inevitably, there is a point in my run, where I think to myself, "I've gone far enough." Usually, this is at the one or two mile point. How many other people, especially individuals my age and weight, are out running everyday? I have not ever, in my entire life, seen anyone close to my size running. So I justify this to myself, that a mile or two is more than most people have done today. So since I've done more than most, I'm ready to quit.
My legs are just getting warmed up at the one mile mark. "They," say that it takes 10 minutes to warm your muscles up. So when I hit my one mile mark, there is only a subtle difference between my legs being warmed up and my legs being done. But I press on. One foot in front of the other stumbling forward. What is this drive, this motivation, this stupidity to keep going?
What makes me think that running is a good idea? Short answer is, I have no idea. I ran two miles today, and am angered at myself. Ok, I ran 1.75 miles, and walked the last quarter mile. Absolute lack of motivation. I was motivated prior to getting out there. I had a dream about Deena Kastor the other night, and was looking forward to running all week, as if i were actually a seasoned marathoner. I enjoy pretending that I am a marathoner, although I have not yet completed one. Rest assured I will. I have people who won't let me quit. I wish those people were running with me today. The Austin Marathon is in Feb of 2011. The Rocket City Marathon is Dec 2010. These things I want to do.

Today was a total let down. Hopefully this anger rolls into tomorrow, and I will do better.

I have set a goal, over the next 30 days, I will run 175 miles.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I almost forgot. Today was 6 miles. ya know... running really sucks sometimes. Especially when you have to run up hills and into head winds. I've decided, that this year, I am turning 26. I think I pretty much have to run a marathon. I believe that it's a part of the s.o.p. for anyone who turns 26 (that wants to run a marathon). So now to find the event.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


no, it's Sunday, I am not running... Well, I may... but anyways... I wanted my viewers to check this out http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=20507 . Me and this guy have this a lot in common. Except me that I haven't run 100 miles yet. I liked this article...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Was pressed for time today, but I got in 3 solid miles. I will be doing some hill training from now on as often as possible. It is a completely different thing, treadmill training and running outside. Treadmill training is easier, and more fun, because I can watch TV. outside running, gives me too much time to have my self reflections... Running and thinking is great... start thinking, and before you know it, you've run 5.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Went running today. Ran several miles. Then, I got the bright idea... hey, I should be able to run up a hill. So I found a hill... and proceeded to run up it. What a mistake... My legs are sore today... a lot.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Early run today. We went running at 1600. The run went well. I felt good all the way. I suppose that it is time to up the mileage. I must brag on the teacher. He received a complement from a nice looking young lady, that gave him some serious motivation. And I must say, that had a received the same complement, I woulda run a marathon today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captain's Log, Star date, 8/24/10

Yeah, I did it, I busted out the Star Trek reference. So, I went to NF today, and busted out 3. I walked, like, two of them. It was tough getting motivated today. I just didn't feel like doing anything, and there was nobody there to help me with that. The dog came and had fun though. The mile that I did run, I did in 7 min.

That is all

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yeah, 5 down. 52 min. A little slow, but I started out fast, and gradually slowed down. Tomorrow I'll try to keep the pace. I guess it's not too bad being 250+ lbs, and being able to average close to a 10 min/mi for 5 miles. On the 3rd mile, I rolled my ankle making the turn, it is still sore even though I ran almost 3 hrs ago. I'm taking it easy the rest of the night. I ran with the Captain today, and his dog, Booray. I think it's funny that his dog's name is Booray. My dog did not go today, and as we were finishing up number 5, a dog that I have met before ran up to me, his name is Tom Tom, after some Canadian painter. I have two problems with this. The dog is named after a Canadian, and the dog is named after a painter. but, it's not my dog, so who am I to judge. If I have offended any Canadians.... Why are you reading this, shouldn't you be shoveling snow or something? I kid, I kid... I like Canadians, Keifer Southerland is Canadian.


So... I ran 5 days last week. 3 mi/day. Not good enough. Today is my first day back after the weekend, of which I did not run. Over the weekend that is. So we are going to try to go ahead and get 5 today. Jedi called me and told me he was back at running 5/day his time was at about 45 min. I hate him. So today's goal is 5 and I'll post later about it. Dog is not going with me today, as I fear she will just slow me down.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Went running again today. It was fun. I only did 3 because it stopped raining. I was at about a 10 min mile each lap I ran. My dog did trip me up and I had to stop and tie my shoe twice. next time I'll double knot them. oh well... came back home and ate some of momma's meat loaf. and it was delicious.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I went running with the dog, actually, 2 dogs and the teacher and captain. The other dog was the captain's. So I only mapped a mile, cause I got tired of carrying my iphone, but I found my armband today, so tomorrow I'll map the whole run. Hopefully to get 5 miles. I only did three today, I don't think the dog can handle more than that. I also lifted weights today, and it hurts to type. So that's all. Thanks BS

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Went back out to N. Farm. This will be my daily area for running. I enjoy it out there, and if I want to bring the puppy I can. Which I did today. We did 3 miles. Unfortunately puppy cannot do much more than that. run went well... and I got run momentarily with a cute girl, or, I got to run by a cute girl. Anyway, the highlight of the day was a fox. A fox, that puppy decided to run after. My dog really loves her tennis ball, and to see her run after her tennis ball, is amazing, she is quick. To see puppy run after this fox was... well... like watching a rocket car. All I could see was a brown blur tear off into the distance, smoke was still standing in the air as puppy was 300 yards away, fire was on the wet grass. It was a good thing she was not wearing a flux capacitor, because if she was, she'd be in 1955. Roads, where we're going, we don't need roads. The fox leaped into the tree line and puppy, knowing that the fox, more than likely, had reinforcements in the woods, hit the brakes and toppled end over end to a halt. I could hear tires screeching from her paws on the grass.... It was hilarious.


Went for a run on North Farm on the MSU campus yesterday. Was a good run. The Captain was unable to attend this time, but I ran with teacher. We got 3 in and walked a 4th. I suffered an injury changing a tire to my lower back, so I had been trying to take it easy the last couple of days. The back did fine, a little tight today. I will get some good stretching in before I go run again. I am a little more sore in the legs than I think I should be, I will be ok though, gonna go run and work it all out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So here's the story,
Driving back from Jacksonville (reason not important), I was just outside of Palestine, when all of the sudden, my truck will no longer produce kinetic energy. My guess is the fuel pump (I was wrong). So here I am 90 mi away from home, in between Palestine and Buffalo, stuck on the side of the road, when I am supposed to move to OK the day after tomorrow. Truck will not run, so we call a tow truck, whilst waiting for the truck, a nice gentleman comes across the street and offers us a beer, of which we partake. Great guy he is.
After the shenanigans of the day and two days following, I decided to bump OK and move back in with the 'rents, much to my better judgement. Turns out it has not been so bad. I do wish that I was in OK with the old roommate, cause he's cool. In the end though, I believe that I have decided that my current POA will work out. I'll continue running, and drop weight, and spend my 22-23 weeks away from the computer. I will give notice on the day before I leave for those weeks.

In the time between, I will begin running again. I have had more than plenty of time to become acclimated here... again, and will begin the running tomorrow. I have been doing speed work with the Pit Bull and the Doberman, but distance training starts tomorrow. I have a teacher and an Army Captain who will be running with me. Both are martial artists, so we'll have things to talk about on out run. New start BS

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Truck broke down, moving home in the morning... will tell story later. Sleep now.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Weights, need to run....

Keep me goin BS

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, I have spent the last 3 or 4 days on a golf tour. I spent Thursday playing golf in Bryan, and Friday was golf in Temple, Saturday was also golf in Temple. No running or working out at all, unless you count walking 18 as a work out. Which I do. I do have a crazy awesome tan going on, and my glove hand is pronounced. I am still debating working out today... I'm a little tired.

Holla BS