Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm sorry Blogspot. Please forgive my failure in our relationship.

today I ran 5.5 miles. Next time I do this, remind me to do the hill work prior to running 5 miles. That was terrible and unfortunate. So I believe that it is time to set the goal, I plan to run the Austin Marathon, Feb 20, 2011. I would like to run a sub-3 hour marathon, but, in speaking with my best puddy, he believes that sub 3 may be a little ambitious. This is fuel to the fire to do as such, but... odds are... I'm hoping to finish in 3.5 hrs. I'm also gonna talk him into run the AM with me, or at least on the same day as me. Jedi, you remember him... he wants to run the 1/2 and the full on the same day. To that I say, "NUTS." this is not a challenge to him by any means, as I know he will do it, but it is me saying that I will not participate in both events. So I suppose it's time to up the mileage, as I said I would do. eh... maybe not... I can procrastinate with the best.

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