Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today was a terrible day, allow me to tell tales of the glorious splendor of the day, because I have that kind of time to kill.

Last night, my truck began giving me crap. It felt like a misfire with the plugs. However I replaced the plugs last year, so that should not be the problem. I took the truck to autozone to run a diagnostics test, ans sure enough it was the misfire. Autozone told me that it may be time to replace the distributor cap and rotor, and that I may as well replace the plug cables while I am at it. So today, bright and early I purchased the parts for my truck and began work on the truck, it was 0800. By 1100 I was done. Sure, maybe it should not have taken that long, but I am also including the travel time.
So, at that time, I decided that functionality and performance of my truck now took priority over the ascetics. Previously I had ordered a part for the truck for the dashboard. All who have seen my truck know that the dash looks like poop... absolutely terrible. I decided not to install the part, and see if I could have the part restocked. long story short, the dealership lost my part, and all the paperwork... They no longer believed that I had paid for it, and they would not give me money back for something I hadn't paid for. So I had to research when I purchased the part. Found that out and took it back to them, I was the refunded the money.

So then my run. I haven't (as before mentioned) been keeping up with the running as of late. And it was something very small that killed my motivation to run (along with not having someone to run with). I went to my gym, but forgot the key, by the time I returned home, I did not want to go run. HOWEVER, today I ran. got 5 in. The first mile was slow, I kept it at about a 12 min/mi, Second mile was a little tougher, I picked up the pace to an 8 min/mi. Third was my peak at 7 min/mi. I was really tired after that, but proud that I actually made a 7 minute mile. The last two miles ended up being pretty tough, and I rounded down the day at a 10 minute pace. I need to do 2 things... One, I need to pick up my pace, so that 7 minute pace is comfortable. Two, I need to extend mileage. Maybe next week, I will make a couple 7 or 8 mile days. Third, I need consistency. Whether or not I have motivation I need to get mileage in.

Keep me persistent BS.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Surely it hasn't been 5 days since the last post. darn. I am sorry to all my readers (HA!).

well... where to start? I have not been keeping up the running as promised, but I have been keeping up the golf. Walking the course, no more riding for me. I still see walking 18 as more exercise than most people get in a month, because we live in a sedentary america. I will run later today, I just got off the course and need a bite to eat. I'll post later the results of the run.

Keep me posting BS.

Friday, July 23, 2010


No workout, no golf... I had to work both jobs today, so I opted out of the workout. Tomorrow will be the same with the jobs, but I will get a workout between the two. sorry Blogspot.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


No workout today. 0355 did not work for me, so I slept a little longer. try it again tomorrow... shot an 81 at the TAMU golf course today 18 holes. Front nine were poor, back nine were better. 0355 here I come... Keep me honest BS

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


7/21, no run. Walked 18 holes. For those who do not know (as if anyone reads this) 18 holes walking is 3 miles, give or take. It mostly depends on how good you are. With me it's more like a walk 4 or 5. then I did a killer arm, chest, back, and abs work out. Then hit 2 buckets of balls at the driving range (about 250 balls). minimal food intake today, so I am pretty exhausted. waking up at 0355 to go run though.... May try to talk my roommate into it as well... I dunno though... He walked the 18 with me today. only carried my clubs for a single hole though... so not a very good caddy. we need to work on that lol.. Keep me honest BS. haha, cause BS by definition is not honest.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


7/20, Walked 18 holes, Ran 5, biked 5. Biked was in the gym... it's still too cotton picking hot to do anything outside. At the end of 18, all of my clothes were soaking wet with sweat. It was a beautiful thing. Walking another 18 tomorrow. 0700 Tee Time... I'm not quite ready for the pro tour yet... but watch out Amateur Tour... I'm coming to win some money there haha...

Keep me honest Blogspot.

Monday, July 19, 2010


7/19... 5 miles then an arm workout with back and abs... arms are a little sore, back and abs and legs are fine.... I need a day off... Walking 18 holes in the morning, then running in the afternoon. went to the driving range this afternoon and worked out my slice... should play well... I'll update how I did on that. Again, I am sorry for the poor grammar. welp... got a tee time at 0700. Keep me honest blogspot.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Run

Did not run today, but I got a great leg workout... 10 minutes on the bike, 280 leg press 4x15, 170 leg extension 4x15, leg curl 130 4x15, lunges 2x20, hops... I jumped onto a steel box 3 ft high 50 times. Then an awesome ab workout, did scrapper abs ( plus a few extra incline sit ups and leg raises. oh and calf raises 135 lbs 4x50. legs will be sore tomorrow, but I'll run it out then... 5 tomorrow. tomorrow I weigh in for the first time.... lets hope i'm still under 270 ha ha... Thanks blogspot.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Terrible Start

Well, I got my 5 in, two days in a row. I had a terrible start due to my inability to update on the 16th. Given, it was a rough day, however I still could have taken the time to type, "day 1, 5 accomplished." for the 16th and 17th I spent my time on the treadmill. This is good for me to make sure I keep a good pace, and also, it's hot outside. too hot. I'm in the middle of Texas. So for now, I will keep running inside on the treadmill, until there is a day where it's not so stinkin hot. My roommate is about to go run, I may join him for another few miles today... no like anybody actually reads this, but I will update later, if for nothing else, my own benefit.

Keep me honest blogspot.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's only 100 miles

So, Maybe I am skipping a few steps here, however, I have been thinking.... Why should I not run a hundred mile race. I think the date is set. The motivation is there, and there is time to train accordingly.
Several things must fall into place first. and I have to be a little lucky. I'll be using this as my daily training log (minus approximately 21-22 weeks that will be spoken for, and I will not have the internet access). Keep me honest oh blogspot. Keep me daily blogging about the training. training starts at 0300 on 7/16/10. maybe 0400, but either way, before I go to work at 0600.
I will be running the Mother Road 100 from Kansas to Oklahoma in November of 2011. Should be a good time...

My motivation is drawn from several different areas in my life. Mostly because of, as mentioned before, I am a fat guy, and people think I cannot do it. To those who are my motivation, thank you. And thanks to my Municipal court Judge, who sent me an email telling me that he and his daughter are running their first half-marathon. That was a huge motivator for me to do this. Of course there will be a marathon between now and then, just so I can say I've done a marathon too.

I apologize for the world for grammatical and spelling errors, but I wrote this in a hurry because it's 2324 on 7/15, and if training starts at 0400 7/16... I need to sleep... big day tomorrow, gonna try for an easy 5.

Wish me luck