Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's only 100 miles

So, Maybe I am skipping a few steps here, however, I have been thinking.... Why should I not run a hundred mile race. I think the date is set. The motivation is there, and there is time to train accordingly.
Several things must fall into place first. and I have to be a little lucky. I'll be using this as my daily training log (minus approximately 21-22 weeks that will be spoken for, and I will not have the internet access). Keep me honest oh blogspot. Keep me daily blogging about the training. training starts at 0300 on 7/16/10. maybe 0400, but either way, before I go to work at 0600.
I will be running the Mother Road 100 from Kansas to Oklahoma in November of 2011. Should be a good time...

My motivation is drawn from several different areas in my life. Mostly because of, as mentioned before, I am a fat guy, and people think I cannot do it. To those who are my motivation, thank you. And thanks to my Municipal court Judge, who sent me an email telling me that he and his daughter are running their first half-marathon. That was a huge motivator for me to do this. Of course there will be a marathon between now and then, just so I can say I've done a marathon too.

I apologize for the world for grammatical and spelling errors, but I wrote this in a hurry because it's 2324 on 7/15, and if training starts at 0400 7/16... I need to sleep... big day tomorrow, gonna try for an easy 5.

Wish me luck

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