Wednesday, July 21, 2010


7/21, no run. Walked 18 holes. For those who do not know (as if anyone reads this) 18 holes walking is 3 miles, give or take. It mostly depends on how good you are. With me it's more like a walk 4 or 5. then I did a killer arm, chest, back, and abs work out. Then hit 2 buckets of balls at the driving range (about 250 balls). minimal food intake today, so I am pretty exhausted. waking up at 0355 to go run though.... May try to talk my roommate into it as well... I dunno though... He walked the 18 with me today. only carried my clubs for a single hole though... so not a very good caddy. we need to work on that lol.. Keep me honest BS. haha, cause BS by definition is not honest.



  1. Give me a high-five!

    The other day, I got on the scales.

    Tonight, I'm going to say the three words Em has been dying to hear: "I feel fat."

  2. I routinely mention how fat I am. As you know B. Let me know how those three words go. Haha