Monday, August 23, 2010


Yeah, 5 down. 52 min. A little slow, but I started out fast, and gradually slowed down. Tomorrow I'll try to keep the pace. I guess it's not too bad being 250+ lbs, and being able to average close to a 10 min/mi for 5 miles. On the 3rd mile, I rolled my ankle making the turn, it is still sore even though I ran almost 3 hrs ago. I'm taking it easy the rest of the night. I ran with the Captain today, and his dog, Booray. I think it's funny that his dog's name is Booray. My dog did not go today, and as we were finishing up number 5, a dog that I have met before ran up to me, his name is Tom Tom, after some Canadian painter. I have two problems with this. The dog is named after a Canadian, and the dog is named after a painter. but, it's not my dog, so who am I to judge. If I have offended any Canadians.... Why are you reading this, shouldn't you be shoveling snow or something? I kid, I kid... I like Canadians, Keifer Southerland is Canadian.

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