Sunday, August 15, 2010


So here's the story,
Driving back from Jacksonville (reason not important), I was just outside of Palestine, when all of the sudden, my truck will no longer produce kinetic energy. My guess is the fuel pump (I was wrong). So here I am 90 mi away from home, in between Palestine and Buffalo, stuck on the side of the road, when I am supposed to move to OK the day after tomorrow. Truck will not run, so we call a tow truck, whilst waiting for the truck, a nice gentleman comes across the street and offers us a beer, of which we partake. Great guy he is.
After the shenanigans of the day and two days following, I decided to bump OK and move back in with the 'rents, much to my better judgement. Turns out it has not been so bad. I do wish that I was in OK with the old roommate, cause he's cool. In the end though, I believe that I have decided that my current POA will work out. I'll continue running, and drop weight, and spend my 22-23 weeks away from the computer. I will give notice on the day before I leave for those weeks.

In the time between, I will begin running again. I have had more than plenty of time to become acclimated here... again, and will begin the running tomorrow. I have been doing speed work with the Pit Bull and the Doberman, but distance training starts tomorrow. I have a teacher and an Army Captain who will be running with me. Both are martial artists, so we'll have things to talk about on out run. New start BS

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