Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh great and wonderful wizard of blogspot,
Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted, things are ok, I have been running.

So on Monday, I went running with teacher, who mentioned that he had seen the posts which had a reference to him. I was immediately embarrassed. Not because I have written such things about teacher, but that he actually read them. BTW, Dude, if you're reading this now stop. The next part is meant to speak well of you, and you don't need any more confidence boosting.
Um, yeah, we ran like 5 miles, could have been 12, outran the Captain, mostly cause he showed up late and did not run as far. But we still did. So, back to the aforementioned issue. Teach read the post that basically said he needs to try harder. Allow me to defend myself. In my mind (I was wrong) if you're running, you should be training for a marathon. This is not Teach's frame of mind. And it should not be teach's mind. One (possibly the only) good thing, is that teach said that it lit a fire under is pants, and he came out today with vengeance. Absolutely incredible was the effort that Teach put forth. So good on you teach, even though you should not be reading this.

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