Saturday, December 11, 2010


A solid week of running. Although most of my running was done by myself, because Teacher did not want to get out in the cold. (I don't blame him!!!) Monday was 5? I think. It was with Teacher, and it was cold. Tuesday was on my own at N. Farm, and more cold. Wednesday was the coldest, with Temps not breaking 30 degrees. I did not run far. Because it was cold. Very cold. Thursday I ran a few miles around the house, and Friday I put in 7 at N. Farm. I found out that I like running around the trails at N. Farm and Rambunctious Puppy likes the trails more. So we've put several miles around the trails. Saturday morning I went for three at N. Farm. It was cold at first, but after a while, I actually warmed up and forgot that I was running in the cold.

Miles for the week: 26.

Monthly miles: 53.

*Edited to Add - I also just found out that I have an awesome blister on my left foot. Excitement has ensued.


  1. going anton style in your posts, i see...

    (and we want to see pictures of this blister...)

  2. yeah, I'm just too lazy to update it daily. like I said... it's not that I have anything else to do. I'm just that lazy. Maybe not a good thing.

    Blister is not coming out good on the camera... I'll get a new blister while out in AZ and post it then. ha ha.